River Valley Shih-Tzu

Larry & Debbie Mikell
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My wife and I live on a small farm in Southern Ohio. We have both held high level responsible corporate positions and are now looking forward to “living our dreams” in retirement.

We have raised and bred Shih Tzu pets for over twenty-one years. We treasure the Shih-Tzu breed.  Their beautiful coats,  calm loving temperament,  quiet confidence, proud royal manner, and sweet loving nature.

We were devastated with the loss of our beautiful and faithful Shih Tzu, Whiskey Joe.

When you loose a Shih Tzu, you loose a piece of  your heart.

After several months of grieving, we decided it was a good time in our life to build a new family of Shih-Tzu’s.  We wanted only the highest quality AKC Championed Shih-Tzu’s we could afford.
We scanned many websites, and found hundreds of cute puppies, but they did not measure up to AKC credentials, or our definition of quality. It wasn’t as easy as we thought to purchase quality Shih Tzu's.  Finally, we were fortunate enough to be introduced to three, highly respected, AKC Shih-Tzu handler/breeders, who enabled us to purchase our Shih Tzu family, one male, and four females, each being AKC Champions. Thank you, to Karyon, House of Wu and Zephyr for your guidance and trust.

Today we share our home with our loving Shih-Tzu’s.


Each of our new Shih-Tzu’s have amazing pedigrees with generations of Show Quality wins.
We are proud of our new family and especially proud of their pedigrees.

We will only have a few litters each year and we anticipate that our AKC Championed Shih-Tzu’ parents will produce glamorous show quality puppies and/or high quality pet puppies with teddy bear faces you could love forever.

What makes our parents special?
Both the mother and father of our litters are AKC Champions. They have competed and won, proving themselves to be of proper conformation and temperament, and still have a willingness to respond to people politely in social situations and to perform in the rings with glee and happiness, and are willing to be trained and to travel.  Many of these traits are genetically passed down thru the generations in their pedigree.

Larry & Debbie Mikell
(740) 259-0582