Our puppies carry the genes of SHOW CHAMPIONS! 
We offer high  quality puppies and potential show puppies!!
Our puppies have  sweet dispositions , good confiirmation and beautiful coats!​​

Puppies now ready to go to new home!!

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Page last updated: 03/23/2020


Lefty is a healthy and happy male puppy; who is intrigued with his human parents at a early age. He stands back, and watches them first, then runs into their arms. Lefty happiest when he has room, to run around a play, and then us sitting down, so he can jump into our laps.  He wants a loving family, who laughs, and sees life as care free, and loving as himself.  Lefty stands out from the crowd, and is a real attention "show-stopper".


Rusty knew he was destined, to be a cutie, the rest of his life. He was the only puppy who had a solid coat.  His coat first, was a rusty-red color, and as he matures it is turning golden.  He is full of life!!  Rusty plays hard, but then sleeps so quietly. Once he awakens, he is ready to romp and play.  He is a healthy happy boy, with excellent confirmation, a cobby short backed boy, which makes him even adorable.